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  46 Butter Rd.
 Dover, PA  17315
 (717) 292-6530
Fax (717) 292-7010


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


“Open Mayor Seat”
Please submit a letter of interest to the Borough office by April 23rd.
A special meeting will be held April 23rd at 7:00 PM to appoint the open Mayor seat.

2018 York County Senior Games, Rent a Kid & Health Insurance Assistance
Read all the information here


Fire hydrant flushing will be done from April 16th - 27th. This may briefly cause decreased water pressure. Flushing of the lines can disturb sediment causing discoloration of your water. If this occurs, allow the water to run for approximately one minute and it should clear.

We currently have an opening for a Jr. Council member. This is an opportunity for a school student to learn about how the Dover Borough functions and also contribute to the community. They would attend the Borough monthly council meetings which normally meet the first Monday of the month. Anyone interested should submit a letter of interest to serve.

Medicare Seminar

Afraid of falling? A Matter of Balance Class:

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2018 Budgets

General Fund Budget

Sewer Fund Budget

Water Budget

Highway Budget

Wallace Fund Budget





York County

History of Dover Borough

CCR Water Quality Report 2016

Cub Scout Pack 67 has a flag collection box in the vestibule at our office.  It is for flags that are old or torn.  The Cub Scout Pack 67 will periodically be holding retirement ceremonies for these flags.

We now have a used eyeglass drop outside the Borough office. This was an Eagle Scout project done by Nicholas Spangler for the Lions Club.





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